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Kigamboni New City Master Plan Part A

Kigamboni New City Master Plan Part B

Kigamboni New City Master Plan Part C


  1. gosbert rwebogora rwiza

    speed of construction of new city is very slow.would you please speed up

  2. Ernest Mwita

    I read in the Daily news of 29th May 2015 about some Chinese Experts coming in next month to help in planning the new city, does it mean that the current master plan will be overhauled?

  3. With construction sites if slow but sure its o.k and whatever expert Chinese or otherwise does fine all we as wananchi want is some advancement all we want is a share of the cake at construction or making the city a reality
    The Capital master plan is still a challenge to government despite there being CDA

  4. Kigamboni new city construction goes very slowly and i would like to ask about I have the land of kigamboni I want to sale it am looking to the one who can buy it the land it is about 141 heater.

  5. juma

    I rly believe that, after the new city being complited then we gonna have the great and morden city (DAR) in east and centre Africa.

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